Cylinder vacuums – new bagless Samsung cylinder vacuum cleaner

The new Samsung Silencio SC9540 is a very low-noise bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner, featuring a two-chamber system. Both chambers, the air and the dust chamber have a high, constant and long lasting capacity of dust attraction and suction, no matter what surface you are cleaning. The exhaust fans normally mounted at the back of common cylinder vacuums, are located on the sides, giving this Samsung vacuum an innovative appearance.
The Silencio Silver Nano technology and HEPA filtration system makes these cylinder vacuums some of the best, when it comes to protection against harmful dust particles and mites. The Silencio cylinder vacuum cleaner also has a blue LED display and auto suction mode, which automatically adjusts the suction power depending on the type of surfacing you are cleaning. Strong suction power is everything for modern cylinder vacuum cleaners and the Silencio suction power rating of 360 air watts exceeds that of conventional cyclonic vacuum cleaners and provides strong, constant suction.
The patented multi chamber system effectively removes dust and allergens without ever losing suction power. The bigger chamber traps the larger dust particles before the 6 smaller chambers trap the fine dust particles, meaning 99.3% of dust is contained in the vacuum cleaner. This results in clean exhaust air and long lasting suction power as there is no filter to get clogged.
The infrared remote handle control allows you to effortlessly control the vacuum cleaner, without needing to reach down every time, you want to vary the suction power or switch the vacuum on or off. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to hold, use and control.
The Silencio cylinder vacuum cleaner produces a sound level of only 73dB, meaning you can now talk on the phone or watch television while vacuuming. Not only the noise level of the motor is reduced, but irritating high frequency noises throughout the whole system are gone.
HEPA 13 filtration ensures that your vacuum cleaner only produces clean exhaust air, making it ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers. It does this by catching 99.95% of micro particles such as dust and allergens, leaving the air you breathe clean and healthy. Silencio cylinder vacuum cleaners have been approved by the British Allergy Foundation.
The unique Silver Nano technology applies the anti bacterial properties of silver to the dust bin, premotor filter and post motor filter of the cylinder vacuum cleaner, preventing the build up of bacteria and odours and ensuring that the air emitted is odour free and bacteria free. Smart and reliable design, long lasting strong suction power and the lowest noise level amongst bagless cylinder vacuums, plus a care-free cleaning from allergy and asthma causing house dust mites. Expected retail price is £200. Samsung.

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