Dyson DC39 canister vacuum with Ball Technology

Engineered to follow faithfully, DC39 is Dyson first canister vacuum cleaner with Ball Technology for stable maneuvering around the tightest corners. Canister cleaners are often awkward to steer and can topple. They lurch into furniture, veer off at tangents and may be difficult to pull. Like an errant shopping cart, their crude casters drift across hard floors and get buried in carpets, so more force is needed to keep them on track. And reliant on bags, they can lose suction, too.

Sitting on a ball, DC39 has a lower center of gravity and is easier to pull without snagging on corners or the carpet pile. Coupled with a unique central steering system, the canister vacuum uses an articulating chassis and central pivot point for negotiating tight turns and circumnavigating sofas. And equipped with Dyson Radial Root Cyclone technology, it captures more microscopic dust than any other vacuum.
Other vacuum cleaners still rely on bags, losing suction over time. Dyson has been continually refining vacuum Radial Root Cyclone Technology since inventing it more than 20 years ago. Every angle of each airway is honed to ensure microscopic particles as tiny as 0.5 microns or 1/5,000th of a pin head are spun out of the airflow and captured in the bin.
With airflow inside the inner cyclones generating in excess of 100,000 G, Dyson acoustics team were challenged to minimize the sound and vibration of high speed dirt. Testing in Dyson semi anechoic chamber resulted in a redesigned motor casing and vents to fine tune airflow. DC39 Multi floor and DC39 Animal will be available at Dyson and most major retailers from mid-March, 2012, and costs $450 and $500 respectively.
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