Electrolux Ergospace vacuum cleaner

Available in 8 new colors selected by the Electrolux design team, the Electrolux Ergospace vacuum cleaner features extra long 13 meter reach, thanks to its 9 meter cord and long hose as well as sporty details and a very compact shape for remarkably easy storage. The popular Ergospace vacuum cleaner is also available in a Green range version.

The 2.2 kW Ergospace vacuum comes with Ergoshock, a smart bumper and storage tool. The bumper prevents the vacuum cleaner from bumping against furniture, walls or door frames. When done vacuuming, you use the elastic bumper for storing the hose. Not only is this practical and takes less space, it also gives your Electrolux vacuum cleaner a cool look.
The new Ergospace vacuum colors are Apple Green, Orange Red, Antique Grey, Aqua Blue, Ice White, Ebony Black, Watermelon Red and Deep Blue. Electrolux.

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