Electrolux Trilobite robotic vacuum

The Electrolux Trilobite robotic vacuum will make household chores seem like a cinch. The convenience of a robot vacuum cleaner is unparalleled. This product is a new and improved version of its prototype, first introduced in 1997. This robotic vacuum has a mind of its own, as it uses advanced sonar technology to navigate throughout your home and to detect potential roadblocks as it roams. Homeowners can create virtual boundaries by laying special magnetic strips, although a new infrared stair sensor has been built in, to detect stairs and keep the Trilobite from taking a spill – all without the need for special strips. The robotic cleaner has four sophisticated motors that operate each wheel, the brush, and the vacuum itself. The system is so advanced that the Trilobite has the ability to find its own way back to the charger. Never will you need to charge your vacuum, as it will return to its station to charge automatically once it has cleaned for a 60 minute period, and it requires no bags that need to be replaced. Its three cleaning programs include normal, quick, and spot. During a normal cleaning cycle, Trilobite covers along walls and all open areas, then calculates the period of time needed for independent cleaning. The quick cycle skips the wall phase and goes directly to the independent cleaning phase, while the spot cycle cleans a single area of approximately 10 sq. ft. twice. This robotic vacuum is truly a handy device that can drastically reduce your cleaning time for just $1,800. Electrolux.


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