Electrolux UltraOne Quattro vacuum

The new Electrolux UltraOne Quattro vacuum is an ‘AAAA’ graded vacuum cleaner, according to the new EU energy labeling and eco design regulations. The Quattro has ‘A’ grade in 4 categories – energy efficiency, dust pickup on both carpet and hard floor, and dust reemission.

The new energy labeling and eco design regulations apply in the EU from September 1, requiring vacuum cleaner manufacturers to grade the corded products using an ‘A’ to ‘G’ scale on energy efficiency, dust pickup on carpet and hard floor with crevices, dust reemission and the sound level measured in decibels.
Powered by the 800 watt, Eco Force motor, the Electrolux UltraOne Quattro offers better dust pickup performance than a much higher wattage vacuum cleaner on both hard floor with crevices and on carpet, but with significantly lower energy consumption. See Electrolux UltraOne Mini.
The new vacuum cleaner also features Electrolux innovate SilentAir Technology for quiet operation, specially designed ergonomic handle and brand new AeroPro Parketto Pro nozzle with front lights for thorough dust pick on hard floors with crevice. The Pro nozzle comes with the sealed brushes around the edges.
Other features of the ‘AAAA’ rated Electrolux UltraOne Quattro vacuum are 12 meter operating range, 5-liter dust bag and washable Allergy Plus air filter. Available fall 2014 for around € 550. Electrolux. Previously, Siemens Q8 Series vacuum cleaner.

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