Electrolux Energica stick cleaner – Electrolux vacuum cleaners

The new sleek Electrolux Energica stick vacuum comes in five appealing colours so you don’t have to hide in a closet, fearing that these Electrolux vacuum cleaners will ruin your decor. The Energica is a vacuum cleaner with bag solution designed for any circumstances. It has the same suction power as a traditional vacuum cleaner but consumes much less energy. It comes in two models – bagged or bagless with a switchable carpet-to-hard-floor head, scrolling control button similar to a scroll wheel on a mouse and ergonomic rubber handgrip. According to Electrolux, the bagless vacuum cleaners deliver the same suction power as a traditional canister vacuum while using 1,600 Watts of power. Energica small footprint, the light weight and very slim form appeals to those who don’t want traditional canister or heavy, bulky upright vacuum cleaners, but still demand the power and performance. The shape is similar to the cordless Ergorapido, however, due to higher power usage, the Electrolux Energica requires a power cord. These vacuum cleaners are sold in Europe and Australia for around 145 € and $299 AUD respectively.

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