Fakir SC Öko Power vacuum cleaner

The SC Öko Power is one very Eco friendy vacuum cleaner from Fakir. The SC Eco features Fakir own energy saving and powerful 1.40 kW compressor motor. To appreciate the highly efficient suction power this vacuum delivers, you need to witness it in action. The cleaner provides a concentrated air flow, ensuring quick and thorough dust pick up. In fact, its suction rate is equal to that of the 2.10 kW vacuum. And except the power cable, the SC Öko / Eco is 100% PVC free, recyclable up to 90% and is manufactured in the most Öko friendly way, complying with the strictest European guidelines.

Fakir SC Eco Power vacuum cleaner also comes with multi-stage filter system, including 3.5 liter 5-ply micro non woven filter bag with disposal ledge, micro main filter, Fakir exclusive cassette Micro-Vario with easily interchangeable HEPA filter, exhaust air filter, electric filter exchange indicator, lid closing stop.
The vacuum suction tube parking position is equipped with automatic motor interruption, saving you from uncomfortable bending. Handle with suction control, automatic cable rewind, 2-part stainless steel telescopic tube, carrying handle, 3 rubber covered soft roll guiding wheels and Fakir SC 8.5 meter operating radius provide for easy operation, maneuvering and allows you to reach everywhere. Price for the SC Öko Power vacuum cleaner from Fakir is around € 230.

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