GRONBACH furniture vacuum cleaner

Quite innovative and so much needed, the under furniture vacuum cleaner from GRONBACH is activated by a brief touch with the broom or you foot. This compact, flat vacuum goes under almost every piece of furniture, easy to install and is always ready to use.

The duration of the suction can be adjusted between 5 and 30 seconds. The dirt goes into readily available, anti-allergen certified Swirl vacuum cleaner bags. The filter bag LED indicator tells you when the vacuum cleaner bag is full. Alternatively, with no allergy sufferers in your household, simply vacuum the dirt out and use a broom.
The GRONBACH furniture vacuum cleaner is very efficient. Its design compensates for uneven floors and only requires a regular power outlet. Euipped with the remote control, the cleaner is ideal for vacuuming in the kitchen, the hallway, under the wood stove, sofa, in the garage or the hobby workshop. A great find for older people or if you have back problems.

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