Hitachi vacuum cleaner with multiangle cleaning head

A compact cyclone vacuum with high suction power, the new Hitachi vacuum cleaner CV-SU23V has a wireless infrared remote control system which makes it possible to adjust the power setting via the hand grip. The vacuum features Hitachi remarkable multiangle cleaning head, which rotates vertically at 90° either side and fits into narrow gaps and openings between furniture pieces, enabling you to vacuum dust quickly and thoroughly. The unique head also saves you the effort to move furniture further away from the walls.

The powerful 2.3 kW vacuum comes with easy to clean dust storage case, ensuring that you can avoid direct contact with the dust during disposal. The body style emphasizes its high power and the large indicator can display high quality images and graphics on the hand grip control area, making the interface more intuitive.
The infrared remote control of this Hitachi cyclone type vacuum cleaner lets you easily switch between High, Medium and Low power settings at just the right time when cleaning. When dealing with a lot of dirt, you can instantly switch to High for more power, then immediately shut power off if items other than dirt are sucked in. Another advantage of infrared remote control is that you don’t have to keep reaching for the main unit, so cleaning is easier than ever.
The CV-SU23V vacuum also comes with the 7-stage filtration and uses advanced HEPA clean filter. This innovative 7-stage filtration system captures even finest particles while antibacterial and deodorant effects clean exhaust air. In fact, Hitachi equipped this compact cyclone vacuum with a cutting edge TiO2 catalyst for a powerful deodorizing effect. Filter of your Hitachi vacuum cleaner is packed with the incredibly small, about 5 nm Nano Titanium particles to firmly catch and resolve odors.
Other features are telescopic One Touch zoom pipe, operated by ergonomically designed trigger, so you can easily adjust length of the pipe, One Touch swivel brush for easy cleaning in hard to reach, narrow and high areas, and Quick carrying handle for convenient and easy carrying when you clean stairs and convenient tool holder. Finished in Silky Red. Hitachi.

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