iRobot ConnectR Virtual Visiting Robot

The creators of iRobot Roomba Scheduler brings us the Internet capable iRobot ConnectR Virtual Visiting Robot, the totally new kind of connection device that, combining the latest in Internet communications and robot technology, helps everyone to stay in touch. Simple to set up and easy to operate, ConnectR features high quality two-way audio and a video camera to connect you over the Internet. The camera system provides both wide-angle and close-up viewing. The zoom level is 16.7x from the widest view to the narrowest. In addition, the camera features 220 degrees of tilt, enabling complete control of the viewing angles. In case you don’t want to be disturbed, iRobot comes with the privacy mode which lets you turn off the audio, camera or both. Encrypted password protection keeps access to the robot private and secure, in your hands. The price is $500. iRobot.

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