LG compressor AllergyCare – new bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner

The LG compressor AllergyCare, VKC902HTW is the new bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner and the first featuring motorised dust compression technology that prevents the dust particles escaping around the home by forming solid dust cubes that are hygienic and easy to dispose of, so you and your family can breathe easy and keep away from allergies. Using special blade, continuously rotating from side to side, this bagless LG vacuum compressor compacts dust allowing you to clean up and store up to four times more household dust – from floor to filter, from filter to disposal producing less waste. A multilevel filtering system efficiently separates fine dust preventing air friction in cyclonic air flow. The AllergyCare vacuum cleaner is lightweight and its secure grip is enhanced by a vertical handle on the main body. The dust container is located at the front so that the user can easily see how full it is. The efficient nozzle has a particularly slim design. A touch of the foot is all it takes to switch between the carpet and floor functions. The control panel is conveniently arranged and easy to reach. The soft wheels not only prevent scratches on the floor but also reduce the noise level, while a soft bumper protects the furniture. Other features are washable HEPA filter, 2 litre dust capacity with Bio-Tank, One Touch metal telescopic pipe and digital Dust Full indicator. Besides the AllergyCare compressor, LG also has the VKC902HT BasicCare compressor, and the VKC902HTM PetCare compressor. LG. Previously, bagless vacuum cleaner – Roto-Sweep from Sanyo.

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