LG robot vacuum cleaner

The LG robot vacuum cleaner, called RoboKing in some parts of the world and simply robot vacuum V-R4000 in others, is equipped with the most powerful Brush less Direct Current or BLDC motor with the suction power reaching up to 100 watts, which is by far the strongest suction performance among the few robotic vacuum cleaners available in the market. Another plus is the long lasting, high efficiency Lithium Polymer battery, normally used on premium cell phones, auto bikes, laptops, but never before on a robotic vacuums. The newly introduced battery has life cycle from 3 to 5 times longer than others. LG also incorporates hygienic, advanced micro HEPA filters, adapting a five-step filtering system and a valve that prevents the backward flowing of dust collected in the machine, which is especially beneficial for consumers with allergies, asthma and other respiratory diseases. RoboKing also comes with 4 Smart Cleaning Modes controlled by 22 sensors based on 32 bit microprocessor. The LG robot vacuum moves in 4 smart patterns – Gyro-Matrix, Variable-Matrix, Spiral and Random, depending on the layout, structure and space. And for convenience, this LG cleaner comes with the radio frequency remote control which functions well within a 10 meter radius.

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