Microrobot UBOT – robot vacuum cleaner

Vacuuming is always a chore, and one that seems never ending. With the invention of Microrobots or robot vacuum cleaners though, it is suddenly charming and magical. Turn the little fellow on and it trundles off leaving you to relax or watch in fascination. With the new Microrobot UBOT which is likely the most advanced of all the Microrobots today, the robot vacuum cleaner is taken to another level. The UBOT vacuums, sweeps and mops your hard floors all in a single pass. Combined with a clever invisible bar code system which is printed onto the floor boards, the Microrobot UBOT can quickly and efficiently clean your room in the shortest time possible. However, by offering a longer battery life this robot vacuum cleaner can mop for up to an impressive four hours, and when the battery runs low, it follows the barcodes back to its docking station to recharge. With additional features like side brushes to get into corners, rubber bumpers to protect your furniture, and a safe all-natural anti-bacterial to wipe the floor, the Microrobot UBOT is bursting with clever innovative ideas.

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