Miele vacuum cleaner from new S5 series Miele vacuum cleaners

The new S5 Series canister Miele vacuum cleaner provides you with superior cleaning power and operations in stylish and efficient package. The entire impressive line of S5 Miele vacuum cleaners is manufactured and rigorously tested at Miele plant in Bielefeld, Germany. Designed with three smooth-running 360 degree caster wells mounted on steel access and a travel ramp, this Miele vacuum cleaner offers maximum stability and maneuverability across thresholds and obstacles. Fitted with an extra long cable, the S5 series vacuum cleaners have an operating radius of 29½ feet, which eliminates the needs to move the plug to another socket mid-operations. Depending on the floor surface, the Miele S5 cleaner offers 6 power level adjustments, indicated with easy to understand graphic symbols, which allows you to clean different floor surfaces as well as furniture, rugs, carpets and drapes. Featuring a fully integrated set of accessories, a High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter for ensuring indoor air quality and a purposefully designed body complete with convenient park system, double-sided wand holder and durable bumper strip, the S5 series Miele vacuum cleaner offers advanced cleaning capabilities with an intuitive and modern design.