Miele vacuum with SwivelNeck technology – S7 vacuum cleaners

The new ultra maneuverable S7 is innovative Miele vacuum cleaner that goes where no upright vacuum has gone before. Equipped with Miele proprietary SwivelNeck technology with power-steering capability, the S7 breaks the boundaries between upright and canister, combining the very best of both worlds into one ultra maneuverable design and allowing you to effortlessly move the vacuum in any direction. Two series – S 7280 and S 7580 are available.
This vacuum can be even laying flat to the floor with an extremely low profile that glides under low beds or tables. With its effortless fluid motion Miele S7 vacuum performs equally well with wall to wall carpeting, on floors and rugs.
Miele incorporated into this vacuum cleaner an integrated telescopic wand and specialized cleaning tools – accessories normally found in a Miele canister vacuum, thus allowing to easily shift from floors to crevices, stairs, furnishings and drapes.
An energy-saving Automatic Setting on S 7580 models intelligently selects the correct suction level for optimal cleaning results and power usage, making Miele S7 the world first steerable and powerful upright vacuum without any apparent weaknesses or shortcomings.
S7 also provides advanced Sealed System HEPA filtration with a new 9-layer HyClean filtering dust bag that holds 25% more than previous bags and automatically closes with a unique spring-loaded lid when it is removed so that all the dirt, dust and allergens stay inside vs. escaping back into the home air.

Miele also equipped this vacuum with 360° front caster wheels which negotiate tight turns with non-marring rubber to protect delicate flooring, and low profile electrobrush that glides under furnishings and tight spaces.
With a touch to the foot switch, the SwivelNeck goes into operation. The rear wheels disappear into the body of the vacuum to extend motion without exertion. No other vacuum limbos lower from fully upright to completely flat covering every possible angle in between.
The new Miele vacuum cleaners from S 7580 series feature an intelligent sensor that optimizes suction power and performance while saving energy. Other key performance features for both models include
– the 1.2 kW and remarkably quiet Miele made Vortex motor, designed for 1,000 working hours or an unmatched 20-year life span
– auto height adjustment that automatically adapts height as it moves from one flooring surface to another due to its innovative height adjustment feature
– the 4,800 RPM electrobrush which separates carpet fibers to allow the vacuum to lift dirt deep inside carpeting
– dual motor system for enhanced power, suction and performance
– 4-stage suction control with easily labeled power settings, letting you control the suction and adjust to clean curtains, deep pile, low pile and smooth surfaces
Miele also thought throughout every imaginable convenience feature, including the 39 foot power cord with rewind for an incredible 54 foot overall cleaning radius, crevice nozzle, upholstery tool and dusting brush, anti-tipping device, LED headlight to illuminate dark corners and ergonomic reinforced handles. The S 7580 series also come with Silent Setting which balances between quiet running and optimal suction.
The S7 Miele vacuum cleaner are available in following models and colors –
S 7280 Series
Jazz in Melon Yellow with retail price of $800
Salsa in Mango Red with retail price of $800
Calypso in Lotus White with retail price of $800
S 7580 Series
These models offer Automatic Setting, Silent Setting and easy touch +/- suction controls.
Bolero in Deep Black with retail price of $950
Tango in Garnet Red Metallic with retail price of $1,000
Swing in Steel Blue Metallic with retail price of $1,000
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