Moneual UV-C vacuum cleaner

The 600 Watt Moneual UV-C sterilization vacuum cleaner comes with the vibration pad and the UV-C lamp. The compact vacuum remove bacteria, allergens and dust particles. The Rydis U60 can be operated in any of the 3 modes – Vacuum + Vibration + UV Sanitizing, Vacuum + UV Sanitizing or UV Sanitizing.

The UV-C lamp of Moneual vacuum cleaner emits ultraviolet light, disinfecting and removing 99% of the common bacteria and allergens in one area within 1 second, based on testing by an independently certified lab. Its vibrating pad vibrates 3,600 times per minute and its stomping shakes off dust which is collected by vacuum suction for a deep cleaning. Meanwhile, integrated high efficiency filter catches the smallest particles and allergens to help prevent microscopic dust particles from being inhaled.
The Moneual UV-C Rydis U60 is also equipped with automatic safety sensor that recognizes the floor and turns off the ultraviolet lamp to protect you from UV exposure when not in use. The patented absorption preventing roller prevents fabric sticking to suction, when vacuuming. Price is $180.
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