Nilfisk Elite vacuum

Designed with allergy sufferers in mind, your Nilfisk Elite Series vacuum sucks dirty air into the cleaner and thanks to outstanding filtration, exhausts clean air back out. Nilfisk Elite not just cleans the floors, but the air you breathe as well.

Nilfisk Elite Superior is the ultimate vacuum cleaner if you want to maintain a healthy environment. The cleaner is equipped with H14 Ultra Filtration that prevents microscopic particles from going back to the air, including unpleasant things like decayed dust mite remains and dander. Both are microscopically small, up to 1,600 smaller than the thickness of a human hair. Nilfisk Ultra Filtration captures 99.999% of particles down to 0.3 micron and has the seal of approval from the British Allergy Foundation. The vacuum is very quiet, not exceeding 71 dBA.
Other features are wireless remote control handle with speed control, LCD display and an auto function that senses the surface you are cleaning and gives appropriate amount of suction depending on the surface.
Nilfisk Elite Series vacuum comes with flexible crevice nozzle, dusting brush with natural fibre bristles to prevent scratches, an upholstery tool and a turbo nozzle for carpets. The premium wand is height adjustable and the universal floor nozzle has Click-Fit for ease of removal and is coated with a protective layer to ensure that it will not mark furniture or skirting boards. The 5-year warranty give you peace of mind. Made in Denmark, the Nilfisk Elite Series vacuums easily justify the $500 to $600 price tag.

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