Quiet vacuum cleaner – Bosch Relaxx’x ProSilence bagless vacuum

Made from durable high-tech materials, the 1.4 kW quiet vacuum cleaner from Bosch, the bagless Relaxx’x ProSilence Plus is versatile, powerful and efficient. But quiet is the key attribute. In fact, the new SilenceSound system makes this Bosch vacuum cleaner the quietest bagless model the company has ever made. It can give Electrolux UltraSilencer a run for the money. And its innovative RobustAir system and unique CompressorTechnology delivers ultimate cleaning results with minimum power consumption, while advanced self-cleaning system ensures minimal maintenance and consistent, deep cleaning results.

The operating noise of Relaxx’x ProSilence is so low, it falls in a range of friendly chatter. So quiet this Bosch vacuum cleaner is, you can even do the vacuuming late at night, without having to worry about waking the children in the next room or disturbing the neighbours. When developing the vacuum, Bosch analyzed everything from the nozzle to the exhaust grid to minimize vibrations and noises as much as possible, and the Relaxx’x ProSilence features the aerodynamic air-duct and the virtually air-tight connections between tube, hose and hand grip to effectively lower the noise level. Another key element is the sound-controlled motor, which permits only little noise to escape. Innovative sound-proofing materials reduce the operating noise even further.
Of course, this quiet vacuum gives you a cleaning performance, a few other cleaners can match. Every component of Bosch Relaxx’x cleaner, crucial in determining the performance level of the bagless system is tuned to deliver perfect results. The aerodynamic interior design and significantly increased diameter of the adapter complement one another to ensure a particularly high level of air flow. Together with the floor nozzle, powerful dust retention is guaranteed. The whole vacuum cleaner is supported by aerodynamic fan wheels, located in the powerful compressor motor, that keep power consumption at a particularly low level.
It’s not just the floors that the Relaxx’x keeps clean. The quiet vacuum cleaner also looks after itself. The innovative CleanStream filter with membrane technology by GORE ensures that dust and dirt cannot block the pores. It also convinces with its SensorBagless technology, equipped with an intelligent self-cleaning filter system. This self-cleaning function is activated as soon as the suction power drops below the defined optimum value. This allows the Relaxx’x to operate at maximum performance again and reduces the need for maintenance.
With 3-litre volume of this bagless vacuum cleaner, it takes quite some time for the dust container to become full. Once it is full, it is easy to remove, empty and wash under running water. Even the HEPA filter and the GORE high-tech filter are made from a special, washable robust material and last for the entire life of the appliance.
This quiet Bosch Pro Silence vacuum cleaner comes in 4 models,
BGS51432 infinity blue/mineral silver, price is € 340
Parquet BGS51433 white/silver, price is € 350
Exklusiv BGS514M1 black/silver, price is € 350
Animal BGS51442 cayenne red/silver, price is € 380

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