Samsung Motion Sync all-terrain vacuum cleaner

This Motion Sync vacuum cleaner, the Samsung SC20F70 is designed for easy navigation around your home and the best cleaning results. The elegant and powerful vacuum cleaner features Samsung revolutionary Motion Sync Design and is the most stable canister vacuum on the market. In addition, the SC20F70 is equipped with the innovative CycloneForce Multi technology to maintain great suction rate for maximum cleaning performance.

When compared side by side to your typical vacuum cleaner, the Samsung Motion Sync has a clear advantage. The reason is the swivel design utilized with the new Motion Sync Design – the body of the Samsung canister vacuum swivels independently from its wheels, resulting in swifter, more precise and stable motion during turns, and allowing the Samsung Motion Sync vacuum cleaner to take full advantage of its low center of gravity.
The innovative, cambered hollow wheels are angled slightly outward on the canister, stabilizing the vacuum and preventing it from tipping over. The rubberized wheels carry the cleaner across any type of floor surface, around smooth and sharp corners, and door frames.
The 2.0 kW Samsung Motion Sync Vacuum Cleaner brings 360 Watt suction power, thanks to the innovative CycloneForce Multi technology which features a unique interior structure with 14 inner chambers for a robust multi cyclonic airflow that separates dust particles and debris perfectly from the air and keeps them from leaving the chamber. This prevents the filter from clogging and maintains powerful suction for a long time.
The filter is a HEPA H13 sponge like foam filter, perfect for capturing dust. You need to give it a quick rinse to prevent clogging to ensure long lasting suction and great vacuuming results each and every time.
The Samsung Motion Sync all-terrain vacuum cleaner also has integrated remote control handle witn On / Off button and power selector. A special dust sensor will alert you with a red light to show it has detected a particularly dusty spot. As soon as the area is completely clean, a green light appears to indicate it is possible to move on.
The SC20F70 vacuum comes with floor brush and parquet brush, aluminum telescopic suction tube, 2-liter removable bagless dust bin, 12-meter operating range, cord storage and 5-year warranty. Available in 3 models with price starting at € 480. Samsung.

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