Samsung vacuum cleaner – the SC7830 smart vacuum cleaner

The SC7830 Samsung vacuum cleaner is an intelligent machine with superior functionality and aesthetics. Visually, the cleaner dark blue frame and sleek silver details are a striking contrast to its simple form. As for its operation, the Smart Wing system absorbs fine dust to leave even the most contaminated air clean and free from pollutants, drawing such debris into a generous 3.8L bag that effectively contains large amounts of dust until emptied. Such are the reasons that this Samsung vacuum cleaner has been approved by the British Allergy Foundation. A digital display includes a light indicator that allows the user to monitor the life of the vacuum filter, as well as plays a melody when it is time for the filter to be replaced. The hose is able to spin a full 360 degrees, providing complete flexibility and ease of use, without the danger of over winding. An added bonus is the Power Pet Brush – a turbo brush designed to harvest the shedded fur of household pets. Samsung.

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