Samsung vacuum robot with Visionary Mapping System

NaviBot is the innovative Samsung vacuum robot designed for completely autonomous, everyday house cleaning. Looking sharp in the new Blue Mirror color with LED display, the technologically advanced robot vacuum is able to move over all kinds of flooring, including rugs and carpets. Using Visionary Mapping System for intelligent navigation around the house, NaviBot can take 30 pictures per second and create a virtual map, allowing to calculate the fastest and most secure cleaning path to avoid obstacles, holes and accidental falls, recognize stairs and steps – thanks to its 38 sensors. And the Samsung robot vacuum cleaner also features an innovative system for the collection of animal fur and hair, without the annoying accumulation of hair around the brushes.
In addition, Samsung equipped this vacuum robot with 3 special anti-tangle sensors, so the cleaner automatically release any wires or the fringes of your precious carpets. And for total security, NaviBot stops automatically when it is lifted or overturned.

You can also set up Virtual Guard, an invisible barrier around an area of your room, up to 4 meters. You can choose either Virtual Fence or Virtual Guide. Virtual Fence prevents NaviBot access to that specific area, while Virtual Guide maps the way to clean rooms. The vacuum also stores ordered parameters in memory. Maximum cleaning time before recharging is 90 minutes. Price for this Samsung vacuum robot is € 500.
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