Samsung VR9000H robot vacuum cleaner

The Samsung robot vacuum cleaner, the VR9000H is equipped with a powerful, digital inverter motor that delivers suction up to 5 times higher than in comparable robotic cleaners. Such a constant high suction brings incredible cleaning results.

The suction system employs cyclonic separation forcing the dust particles into an inner chamber, so that only clean air passes through a second chamber and then to the outside. The bagless technology ensures even performance and there is no filter to clean.
The Samsung VR9000H robot vacuum cleaner features a strong Full View Sensor which continuously scans its surroundings to avoid any obstacles. The large EasyPass wheels help the vacuum to deal with things like video game wire and doorsteps. The sophisticated software algorithm allows for thorough and systematic detection of the surface to be cleaned. The remote control with laser pointer function allows you to direct vacuum to clean especially dirty spots.
The Samsung VR9000H vacuum cleaner should be in stores September 2014 at a price of € 1,000.
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