Ultraviolet vacuum cleaner – Halo cleaners

Halo ultraviolet vacuum cleaners are the first cleaners in the world which in order to kill germs, use instead of chemicals decade-old UV technology which has been employed to disinfect hospitals and purify drinking water. Available in two models – the Halo UV-ST and the Halo UVX, this distinctive and high-end vacuum cleaner uses disposable dust filter bags made with the highest quality HEPA material and ensures the maximum air filtration and best air quality in your home.
Unlike traditional vacuums which leave germs behind despite all the chemicals they utilize, Halo cleaners instantly destroy the dust mites, mold and other germs populating every carpet. The Halo UV-ST ultraviolet vacuum features an energy efficient design with 2 motors, and is height adjustable with 5 settings, allowing you to easily move from carpet and rugs to tile and wood floors.

halo-vacuum-cleaner-height-adjustable.JPG Both vacuums are designed with several safety provisions which ensure that there is no an unwanted exposure to any ultraviolet light. Invented out of necessity by the parents who needed to achieve the best possible cleaning results, the Ultraviolet vacuum cleaner is becoming a prime choice for many families fighting allergies or just wanting to have the cleanest environment in their homes. The prices are $500 for the UV-ST Halo and $400 for the UVX cleaner.

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