Vacuum cleaner Dynapower XXL – compressor technology

The new Dynapower XXL is the vacuum cleaner developed by Siemens. Available in two models, VS 07 and VS 08, the Dynapower utilizes compressor technology borrowed from the aircraft industry. A blower with aerodynamic blade wheels works like an aircraft turbine, reaching top speeds of 800 km/h. This results in increased airflow of up to 45 liters per second, so Dynapower XXL can take in considerably more dirt and dust than your standard vacuum cleaners. But even with its maximum cleaning power, equaling a 2,400 watt appliance, this Siemens vacuum uses 30 percent less energy. It also cleans the air. The ultra-HEPA hygiene filtration system provides air pure enough to help many allergy sufferers. The HEPA filter can contain the smallest particles, and the optimized Megafilt SuperTEX filter bags ensure that the exhaust air is cleaner than the room air. A special hygiene seal guarantees that nothing that enters the filter bag is ever released, even during bag replacement. The large VS 08G1666 Dynapower also offers first class service when it comes to the finest dust particles, thanks to its patented air flow control system, which fully seals the motor compartment. The suctioned air is only released back into the room after it has completely passed through the purifying filter system. With all that power and complicated engine, these cleaners are sufficiently quiet with maximum noise level of only 73 dB. Both XXL model compressors are rated at the maximum 1600 watts. Finished in sleek Samoa blue metallic color, these new vacuum cleaners won’t break your bank account either. The price for the smaller VS 06G1666 is €140 or $191 USD. The VS 08G1666 is sold for €270 or $368 USD. Siemens.


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