VAX Air Mini cylinder vacuum cleaner

Available in 3 models, the orange C88-AM-B, the blue C88-AM-P Pet and the red C87-AM-T Total Home, the cylinder VAX Air Mini is a bagless vacuum cleaner for smaller homes and apartments.

The compact VAX Air Mini comes equipped with the multi-cyclonic technology to provide constant, powerful suction, 2-litre dust capacity, stainless steel telescopic tube, long hose and cable. In addition, it weighs just around 5 kg.
The C88-AM-B and the C87-AM-T Total Home Air Mini vacuums feature HEPA Media filter that traps dirt, dust, and pollens. The C88-AM-B has a combination floor tool, a crevice tool, a dusting brush, an upholstery tool and offers 8-meter radius of operation, whereas the C88-AM-P Total Home adds a combination floor head and a stretch hose for an extra 4.2 meter reach, allowing you to vacuum everywhere.
The VAX C88-AM-P Air Mini Pet is equipped with advanced antibacterial H12 HEPA filtration which reduces bacteria, allergens and pet related odours.
All 3 Air Mini vacuums come with 6-year warranty. Prices are £140 for the C88-AM-B, £180 for the C88-AM-P Pet and £200 the C87-AM-T Total Home.

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