Vorwerk Kobold 140 vacuum cleaner

The agile and versatile Vorwerk Kobold 140 vacuum cleaner takes care of the most delicate hard floors, carpets, narrow stairs and dusty books. Its suction power automatically adjusts to the surface to be cleaned and it can vacuum computer keyboards from those annoying crumbs. In short, Vorwerk Kobold 140 keeps everything clean and does it with minimum effort and time. Depending on the problem area, the little vacuum cleaner powerhouse effortlessly gets out the dust and dirt from hidden corners, narrow crevices and hard to reach heights. All Vorwerk Kobold tools and accessories are the result of 80-year experience of top notch German engineering, optimized with the help of the latest technologies.

Key features of the Vorwerk Kobold 140 – one of the most robust, lightweight and capable vacuum cleaners on the market.
The Vorwerk Kobold FD 14 FlexoNozzle combines multiple functions in a single device, so you can clean crevices, flat surfaces and fabrics without having to change the nozzle.
The Vorwerk Kobold HD hard floor brush is extremely agile and optimally suited for cleaning hard floors, where its suction slot – both broad and narrow at the same time – optimally channels the vacuum full suction power to the surface. Its innovative oscillating motion allows access to all areas, including around chair legs, furniture, extremely narrow passageways and slanted surfaces, into every last corner. Vorwerk Kobold 140.

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