Electrolux dryers – vented 5kg and 6kg clothes dryers

The new Electrolux clothes dryers offer a range of innovative and thoughtful features for those with busy lifestyles, allowing you to spend less time in the laundry. The new Electrolux range of vented 5kg and 6kg dryers also helps reduce the need for ironing. The dryers feature a crease-free option, where the drum gently rotates back and forth after the cycle finishes, reducing wrinkles in your clothes.

The dryers have clever auto-sensing technology, which detects the level of moisture in your laundry and selects the optimum drying time. Not only does this improve energy efficiency, it also protects your clothes against damage caused by over-drying. Pulling a ball of tangled clothes out of the dryer is also a chore of the past. A reverse tumble action reduces your laundry bunching together during the cycle and helps your load dry quicker and more evenly.
Other key features of the new Electrolux dryers include a front lint filter, a clean lint filter LED, an LED progress indicator, child lock, stainless steel drum, a delay start option, automatic temperature limiters, safety thermostat heater and directional front vent grill. The larger 6kg dryer also has a stylish silver door and control panel, designed to suit modern laundry rooms. The three models, EDV605, EDV605S and EDV505 are priced around $650 AUD. Electrolux.

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