Samsung washing machine – vibration free Samsung washing machines

The WF337 Samsung washing machine features Samsung vibration reduction technology, which utilizes stainless steel balls to offset the effects of vibration and creates virtually vibration-free performance. Those of you who have washing machines located on the second floor or above the basement, will certainly appreciate a peaceful and pleasant laundry experience without annoying and loud shaking of your floors. Even with the spin speeds reaching 1,300 revolutions per minute, this vibration free Samsung washing machine is amazingly quiet. The 3.8 cu.ft. front load washer has an ergonomically designed control panel which is inclined at ten degrees, offering better view. The minimalist design of softly rounded edges gives this washer a sense of exclusivity. 12 washing cycles, including Heavy Duty, Normal, Whites, Wool, Hand Wash Delicates, Perm Press, Towels, Sanitize, Bedding, Spin Only, Rinse+Spin and Quick Wash, cover pretty much every imaginable angle of your laundry. Samsung washing machines have been tested, and have met required Woolmark specifications, and the most delicate and hand-wash-only garments can be washed with confidence. Samsung also provides this washing machine with its patented SilverCare technology, which generates silver ions to remove bacteria and fungus even in cold water, creating an invisible shield and defending your clothes and your washer against unwanted odors. Other features include wide graphic LED display, 8 options which include up to 24 hours Delay Start, a custom dry one-button convenience My Cycle, Pre Wash, Extra Wash, Extra Rinse, Extra Spin, Add Garment, and Child Lock. The performance and flexibility are unparalleled with 5 temperature settings, 5 spin speeds and 3 soil levels. 4 tray detergent dispenser includes Pre Wash, Main, Softener and Bleach. Signal Level can be set to Louder, Softer or turned off completely. This Samsung washing machine is available in Stratus Gray, Onyx Blue, Tango Red and Neat White. The prices are $1,200 for the color washing machines and $1,100 for the white model. Samsung.

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