Beer keg cooler from Waeco

The Waeco MyFridge series also feature this excellent beer keg cooler which utilizes the century-old, well-proven principle of traditional broaching instead of pumping the beer needlessly through hoses inside the cooler. That means that bacteria, fungi and dirt have no chance of spreading in the system. A simple aeration mechanism is enough to ensure that the tap fastened to any party keg will release a fresh draught with absolute perfection. And of course there is no need to buy expensive CO2 cartridges. As soon as this beer cooler is activated, cooled air begins to circulate all around the keg to ensure an even cooling effect, and an optimal drinking temperature from the first to the last drop. This principle is far superior to other manufacturers contact or radiation cooling. Another bonus the Waeco beer cooler provides is that you can use commonly available and inexpensive 5-litre non-return beer kegs with integrated tap and huge choice of beer varieties. Perfect for outdoor use and easy to clean without chemicals, because there are no beer-carrying hoses, this Waeco beer keg cooler costs €95. See also Phillips Perfect Draft and Sanyo portable beer cooler.

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