Meneghini sink with refrigeration system

Meneghini designs what is claimed to be the first kitchen sink equipped with an air- or water-based refrigeration system that holds your foods and beverages cool and ready to serve. A perfect solution and an alternative to the refrigerator when you need to chill just few bottles of wine and champagne, or keep your fruit salad and sushi plate at the right temperature and close by. Simply pressing a button, you activate an integrated compressor that pushes cold water or air through a specially designed, perforated disk that evenly distributes them along the sink walls. With its outer diameter of 56 centimeters, this Meneghini sink is easily installed in the standard 60 cm base, and can be used without cooling system. The temperature is set by thermostat between +8°C to -1°C. Meneghini. Previously, antique refrigerators from Meneghini.


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