The Perfect Temperature martini maker – professional martini maker from Waring Pro

Make professional quality martinis with the Waring Pro electric martini maker right in your house. The Perfect Temperature martini maker shakes or stirs a martini until it reaches the optimal drinking temperature of 34° F, so you have perfect homemade martinis at the touch of a button. Polished stainless-steel 20-ounce cocktail shaker with built-in strainer moves up and down vigorously during the shake cycle and gently rotates in stir mode, melding the ingredients during either cycle for 60 seconds. A line on the inside of the shaker denotes the required amount of ice and the 1 ounce cap allows you to easily measure dry vermouth and gin or whatever ingredients your prefer, ensuring precisely balanced cocktails. This Waring Pro martini maker can make two martinis. Simple three-button touch pad operation, shake or stir options, green olive ON light. Buy this elegant and very unobtrusive Waring Pro professional martini maker for $100. Also Waring Pro wine chiller.

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