The Oenophile’s personal winery

When I saw this personal winery for the first time, I thought that it was much too similar to the Provina WinePod, which was, at least initially selling for $2,000, and the one we covered almost a year ago. These days WinePod sells for the cool $3,500. This personal winery demands even cooler $6,000. The winery is the automated home winery that can make up to four cases of wine. Somehow it combines the traditional wine making techniques with modern oenological technology, and the entire wine making process, including cold soaking, pressing, fermenting and aging is done in the stainless steel chamber. The personal winery comes with the computer system which uses Windows Vista, XP or 2000, and monitors the entire operation. If you have wireless Internet, the winery will transmit everything to your computer, where you can store the whole process to analyze, chart or what have you, with the help of the software that is provided. The software will notify you when to smell, taste or press down your grapes, giving the instructions on how to produce the desired characteristics and flavours. You can even talk to others around the whole wine making world, sharing tips, techniques and ideas. The grape press will automatically lift the grape pomace out of the basin for easy cleaning. This personal winery comes with oak storage barrel for additional aging, siphon, and 48 bottles. LED and 4 button control panel. The main advantage over WinePod, I think, is that the winery offers more sophisticated software. Buy this winery at Hammacher Schlemmer for $6,000 USD.

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