Wine Saver PRO and Wine Saver HOME

Designed by Steve DiDonato who owns Abruzzi on Main in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania, Wine Saver PRO and Wine Saver HOME are the first multi-bottle preserve-and-serve systems to protect the integrity of opened 750ml wines for weeks with the help of preservation-grade argon gas, serving as a thermal barrier. The Wine Savers have built-in spouts that dispense wine straight from the bottle, stainless steel rack system and drip tray, molded plastic tap heads, black rubber draw stem gaskets and stainless-steel tap head draw stems. Ideal for any occasion or for true wine aficionados who want to enjoy every bottle as long as possible. Buy 5 bottle Wine Saver PRO or 3 bottle Wine Saver HOME for $900 and $600 respectively at CHEFS.

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