Wunderbar beer coolers

The Wunderbar beer coolers can be used for literally any beer brand available in 4, 5, and 6 liter kegs. Wunderbar offers now three cooler models – Professional, Thermo and Party. All are attractively designed and either beer cooler will be a welcome addition to your kitchen or make an excellent gift. Cooling from 25°C to 5°C takes only a few hours.
Wunderbar Cooler Professional is the solidly constructed beer tapping system designed for intensive use. Compressor cooling provides for quick four-star cooling, which can be set between 3 and 9°C and read on a digital display. You can cool your beer to match your taste. In addition you can use the uni-keg to quickly cool soft drinks or wine. Price is € 278.
The Wunderbar Cooler Thermo is designed for home use. Its excellent thermal Peltier cooling can also be set between 3 and 9°C and read on a digital display. Cool beer, wine, and soft drinks chilled to perfection on every occasion. Comes with an optional uni-keg. Price is € 222.
The Wunderbar Cooler Party works on 4 AA batteries, so it is suitable for outdoor use. Take it to your patio, balcony, camp site or the beach. Thanks to its outstanding insulation, your precooled beer, wine or soft drinks will stay chilled for hours. Price is € 186.

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