Brookstone Aero wine air infuser

Designed to release the full flavor and bouquet of your favorite red wines in mere seconds, the Brookstone Aero infuses air directly into the wine bottle, softening the wine tannins for better smoothness and enhanced flavor. Working much faster than traditional decanting, the air aeration system helps age younger wines faster.

Red wines love a little air because the best flavors and aromas will only emerge the reds breathe. Brookstone Aero brings the outside air into the bottle for a more mature, better tasting wine in under a minute. See Vinaera electronic aerator.
Just insert the air infuser in bottle or glass and press button to aerate for 30 seconds. Built-in LED light allows you to observe aeration at work. The Brookstone Aero air aeration system comes with 2 stems – long stem for full bottles, short stem for glasses. Seen in stores for around $30.

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