Vinaera electronic aerator


The innovative Vinaera electronic aerator is based on some 5 years of research. The aerator offers full and fast aeration though a pressurized air and wine mixture, delivering an incredibly effective aeration effect – more than 6 times compared to the aeration achieved with funnel style wine aerator.


The Vinaera aerator processes 4 ounces of wine every 8 seconds, increasing oxidation of naturally occurring tannins, improving taste and eliminating bitterness. It also enhances flavour of younger wines. Simply insert the electronic aerator into the bottle, press the top button and it will dispense fully aerated wine.


Vinaera electronic aerator works on 6 AAA batteries. Each set of batteries aerates and dispenses more than 250 bottles of wine. The company is also working on the separate electronic decanters for wine and spirits. Vinaera.

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