Vinturi wine aerator set

The elegant Vinturi wine aerator set gives you the easy way to aerate your glass of red wine while you pour, for fuller bouquet, enhanced flavor and smoother finish. No more waiting for your red wine to breathe in a decanter. All you have to do is simply pour the red wine through the aerator into a glass. Vinturi patent-pending design accelerates wine aeration, allowing wine to breathe properly and it is ready for your enjoyment right away, and you will taste the difference. Ideal for a wine enthusiast or just an occasional drinker, this Vinturi wine aerator set comes with the acrylic stand for hands free use of the aerator, wine filter, Vinturi no-drip holder and Vinturi travel pouch. Designed specifically for red wine, this wine aerator is easy to clean and makes a great gift. Price is $70.