Vertical wine rack – Vynebar

[KBIS 2010 Review]
Functional and sleek, Vynebar is a new vertical wine rack that offers trendy wine storage solution. The design is the trend for the next generation and the new Must Have for wine enthusiasts. Epitomizing form and function, the Vynebar small shape and simple installation make it the perfect accompaniment to any decor. Designed with a sleek, state of the art style, the Vynebar can easily be mounted in any home or business to display specially selected vintages. The new Vynebar vertical wine rack solves the ongoing consumer complaint of clutter on their countertops. By utilizing wasted wall space throughout the kitchen, the Vynebar keeps your countertops clear while displaying your wine selection. Customers, including residential and commercial, can not only choose the size of their design, but also browse a menu of 18 different colors and finishes and can include custom engraving creating a personalized, functional piece of art.
The Vynebar is crafted using only the finest grade materials applying robotic precision to accomplish a one of a kind design. The wine rack anodized aluminum colors are created using a chemical bath that embeds the color within the metal itself leaving a permanent finish that will not chip off or fade over time. Customers can choose from a collection of finishes, which include a glossy polished, flat bead blast, or the classic line of brushed stainless steel or polished mirror finish to match any decor. Available in 4- and 8-bottle models for $40 and $60 USD respectively. See more information on this vertical wine rack and how to purchase at Vynebar.
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