Designer wood burning stoves by Attika

This imposing designer wood burning stove is built from close to 330 kilograms of finely ground soapstone, to create a truly timeless design. Attika Geo comes with the high ceramic glass which offers a clear view of the burning flames. The soapstone stove continuously releases gentle warmth for 15 hours through the stone of the fireplace and can heat up to 215 m³. Burns 2.5 kg of wood logs per hour for 7.0 kW heat output and 83% efficiency.

The Q-20 is the rotating stove, designed to showcases its fire as effectively as on a stage. This designer wood burning stove is open on 3 sides and features automatically locking door. With its innovative, patented and concealed console, the Q-20 rotates smoothly around its own axis through 360° and can be secured every 45° using the foot pedal. 5.0 kW heat output and 79% efficiency allow for 250 m³ heating capacity. Burns 1.5 kg of wood logs per hour. Attika.

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