2011 DCS by Fisher & Paykel Indoor Kitchen Collection

The 2011 DCS by Fisher & Paykel Indoor Kitchen Collection merges modern sophistication and culinary performance with the durability of professional design to deliver the ingredients of commercial refinement – authenticity, performance, functionality, and substance. Cooking to restaurant standards can now be the norm rather than the exception. DCS offers durable, yet luxurious products that appeal to each individual’s personal sense of style. The culinary dependability and food science behind the new collection is ideal for consumers who have a passion for entertaining.

Acoording to Scott Davies, Fisher & Paykel Marketing Manager, the 2011 kitchen collection is the most exciting launch for DCS to date. The newly-styled collection follows the tradition of combining advanced cooking power and technology to deliver cooking accuracy and performance in a distinctive professional appliance. With a focus on the company heritage and refinements to the cooking line, DCS continues to bring commercial quality benefits to the home chef.
Dual Fuel Range
Convection cooking, a full extension telescopic racking system and illuminated halo’s create the ultimate appliances for the at-home chef. Multiple configurations include a commercial grade griddle and DCS patented Grease Management System
Patented dual flow burners create extreme heat and precision for the lowest constant simmer temperature in the category and enable you to cook delicate sauces and simmer chili or stew on an ultra low flame for long hours, always without scorching.
Washing dishes has never looked so chic and energy-efficient. The beautifully-styled 24″ DishDrawer has an Energy Star rating and boasts an ultra quiet operation while using as little as 1.95 gallons of water per drawer. Drawers can be loaded with ease with the top drawer accommodating 13″ plates. A fully adjustable racking system with independently movable racks makes doing the dish a breeze.
Wall Oven
With 10 cooking modes ranging from bake to the unique roast function, the DCS wall oven has 4.0 cu ft of space with full extension racks that empowers you to confidently cook with predictable, professional results.