Caso Sous Vide center

Seal and cook in a water bath right on your countertop the types of delicious meals you thought were only served by renown chefs. With this new portable Sous Vide center by Caso, you can have up to 5 perfectly cooked, vacuum sealed servings each time.

Caso Sous Vide center, the SV1000, is the ultimate Sous Vide cooking system designed for those aspiring home chefs that won’t settle for anything but the best. You get intense flavour and well preserved texture of your foods, while keeping every mineral and vitamin intact, thanks to Caso FINETEMP function which delivers unmatched temperature accuracy in increments of 0.1°C in the 30°C to 90°C temperature range, and professional water circulation technology.
Your Caso SV1000 Sous Vide center features digital display for easy operation, rapid water heating, integrated vacuum sealer for reusable zip bags, easy cleaning and advanced filter system. Comes with 2 stainless steel racks for the bags, vacuum sealer hose adapter, water draining hose and 20 zipper bags. Price is € 480. Caso.