Alpes Liberi in Cucina

Attention to detail, finish, quality materials and great wisdom in their work, the careful ergonomic For 50 years Alpes, a company founded and directed with unwavering passion by Nico Moretto, uses solely and exclusively 19/10 nickel-chrome alloy stainless steel, works only in the field of kitchen equipment, studies and designs surfaces for washing, surfaces for cooking, ovens and kitchen hoods. Despite the Compasso d’Oro it won in 1998, Alpes does not seem to have suffered the unstable influences of styles and trends. For Nico Moretto, design is not a result that resolves into a shape, but a premise that is explicated within a precise working process that involves constant research and rigorous experimentation.

The functionality of each component, the safety for everyday use, the durability of the materials, the flexibility of the destinations, and respect for the environment are the guidelines behind each project and the substance of each Alpes product. The shapes are generated by the observation of gestures and respect for the materials – to eliminate a corner means to reduce the risk of a blow, to make cleaning easier, but to round off a corner means also to respect the nature of the material, to reduce the stress and to preserve the compact quality of the surface, to ensure greater durability.
To dominate the heat of the oven, avoiding the overheating of exterior surfaces, is a small technological virtuosity. It is a challenge to subdue noise, playing with the caliber of thickness to mute the drumming of running water or the closing of a door by inserting sound-deadening panels between the door and its counter-frame. Every detail is carefully studied, because it must last over time. Not only the countertops or the cooktops, but each and every accessory – from the drawer compartments to the hinges, from the control knobs to the drawer glides, from the telescopic feet to the non-skid wheels. Precision tools at the service of every-day creativity.
The Alpes quality is not a dimension that can be measured by regulatory standards, it is the respect for the value of labor and material, for the men who give shape to steel and those who will use it over a lifetime. A quality that is particularly important in free installation systems, agile, mobile, flexible and destined to become a family legacy. To be an industry and preserve the central role of labor, to understand the market in order to impose one’s own values as a leader and model. For 50 years Alpes has been dictating the rules of the game.
Stainless steel exhaust hoods
60cm and 90cm multifunction wall ovens
Stainless steel gas and electric cooktops