Dyson Airblade hand dryer revolutionizes the industry

The Dyson Airblade hand dryer is the fastest, most hygienic hand dryer available on the market, offering a solution to the age-old frustrations of public restrooms damp hands and poor hygiene. James Dyson revolutionized the way vacuum cleaners worked with his patented Dyson Root Cyclone technology. Now, with Airblade technology, Dyson has changed the way we dry our hands. While other warm air dryers rely on evaporation and hot air to dry hands, which doesn’t work and can actually dirty just washed hands, the Dyson Airblade hand dryer uses its patented Dyson Digital Motor. The DDM is a small, long-life, low-energy and brushless motor that spins at 1,350 revolutions per second (that is 81,000 RPM) and produces enough air pressure to dry hands without heat. This revolutionary motor creates 400 mph stream of clean air to simultaneously wipe the water off the front and back of hands in 12 seconds. The powerful stream is forced through a HEPA filter to dry hands with 99.9% less bacteria.
Other warm air hand dryers take in dirty restroom air, heat it and blow it back on to hands. Such dryers rely on heat to evaporate the water and the result is the user walks away with damp hands. The efficiency of the DDM allows the Dyson Airblade hand dryer to use up to 80% less energy than warm air hand dryers and can save up to 80% in energy cost in one year. With 100 uses per day, Dyson hand dryer costs businesses less than $18 a year to run. Airblade technology can also save a $3,000 per year over paper towels. Dyson Airblade.