Fagor cooking design centers – dishwasher column

The exclusive Fagor Cooking Design Centers represent an entirely new concept, unique in the U.S. market. Entirely constructed of high-end stainless steel, these Cooking Design Centers allow you to maximize your storage potential while creating a harmonious clutter-free environment within your kitchen space. Featuring a streamlined design and outstanding functionality, Fagor Cooking Design Centers are designed to house your Fagor ovens, dishwashers and cooktops. These products offer a great deal of storage and organization capabilities and are a perfect match for homes in urban areas where space is often limited. Constructed entirely of stainless steel, Fagor Cooking Design Centers give your kitchen a stylish appeal while also maximizing your storage potential and resolving basic storage needs in a minimum space. Also they offer unparalleled convenience because they offer the utility of having the appliance and its applicable utensils and accompaniments all situated in the same immediate space. Cooking Design Centers are a perfect match for condos and apartments in urban areas where space is often always a concern.
The CX-1 cooking center is for integration with a Fagor Stainless Steel dishwasher, LFA-65 IT X and includes 4 modules – top tableware drawer, middle top flatware and cutlery drawer, middle bottom dishwasher cutout, and bottom cookware and large item drawer. This dishwasher column measures about 73″H x 26.75″W x 25.81″D.

The ergonomic design of the dishwasher column places the dishwasher 18 inches above the floor, eliminating the need to bend over to load and unload dishes.
Large capacity drawers open smoothly due to sliding runners, and come in different dimensions for storing different utensils – cutlery, glasses, cups, plates, pots, pans. The price is $1,800 USD. Fagor.

Other dishwasher column configurations available in Europe.