Fagor DrIron 2007 – the world first dryer and iron machine

Fagor developed the world first ever dryer and iron machine combo called DrIron, a revolutionary new laundry concept that will provide you with clothes and linens that are wrinkle free. The DrIron features a condensation system that extracts moisture from clothing during the drying process and converts it into water which can either be collected in a removable container within the appliance, or through a drainage if plumbed in. With this flexibility, you can place the DrIron anywhere in the home, or even in a garage. The dryer and iron combo works so cleverly that when clothes and laundry are removed from the machine they have no wrinkles or creases, and almost no effort required on your part. Achieving great results with either wet or dry articles, the DrIron has many advantages over conventional drying methods – it does not cause wear to clothes and there is no risk of fibre deterioration as if you repeatedly use a conventional iron. It also uses no harmful chemicals decreasing risks of allergic reaction. Using cleverly designed hangers and accessories, each item is placed in the machine using a special formula for hanging. Shirts have special arm inserts which are easily positioned, while trousers and skirts have their own hanging clips which are then situated on internal rails. There is a basket for underwear and smaller items, while sheets and table cloths are hung over the rails in a dedicated position. The machine is then switched on via a digital control on the front of the machine, and the DrIron will take up to 120 minutes to produce ready to wear clothing and crinkle free laundry. The DrIron also has sensors to calculate the correct duration of each load dependent on humidity, using just the exact amount of electricity it needs. It also acts as a refresher, so that dry clothes can be placed on a short program to ensure that clothes smell fresh and deodorised when removed. Damp clothes can also be dried and not ironed on a simple 20 minute program. You can even use it as an additional wardrobe, and clothes will always be dry and ready to wear when removed. As a concept, the DrIron offers the advantage of time, and only requires some initial training to ensure best results. There are few tricks and Fagor does offer complimentary home demonstration within 30 days from your purchase. Ideal for the busy executive or young families, this appliance can revolutionize the way we regard ironing in the future. The average retail cost of a DrIron is £1,500. Not too bad considering it saves you money on laundering and ironing services or time if you do all yourself.