Gorenje Made for iPod fridge freezer combination

The Made for iPod unique fridge freezer combines the cult of Apple’s iPod technology with the formidable refrigeration and sleek design of Gorenje. By doing so, two companies quite possibly start a new trend in kitchen appliances and how we communicate. This refrigerator is for a modern consumer who wants functionality of a kitchen appliance and his or her favorite gadget in one package. To connect the iPod to the fridge-freezer, Gorenje incorporated a special docking station. Then, there are built-in speakers and wireless LAN for Internet access. You can be downloading some exotic cooking recipes or enjoy favorite music and TV shows while in the kitchen.
Besides all that, Gorenje put a test version of a Wi-Fi control enabling you to manipulate other household appliances over a home server. The idea of the iGorenje Web portal is to communicate not only with mobile phones, PDAs, iPods or laptops, but with washing machines, stoves or ovens. Basically one day, you will be able to do laundry or bake a meatloaf through iGorenje portal.