Gorenje VITA cycle appliances for healthy living

The sophisticated Gorenje VITA home appliances were premiered as prototypes at the IFA 2012. The latest technology offers features that advance your health. The user friendly VITA appliances are uniquely designed to bring vitality into every corner of your home and to contribute to better, healthier lifestyles by constantly improving the everyday cycle of life – the Vita Cycle.

Every choice we make affects both our environment and our well-being. Trends in consumer demand for home appliances demonstrate that in addition to caring about the impact these products have on the environment, we also consider the way these products affect our own lives. Gorenje is focused on the health benefits of home appliances, with its experts working intensely on developing appliances that would introduce significant innovations in healthy cooking and healthy living general.
Gorenje VITA line comprises a refrigerator with innovative IonAir active antibacterial technology, the revolutionary IQcook induction hob with the ultimate steaming technology for healthy cooking, kitchen hood with a coaxial filtration system for cleaner and fresher air, oven with DirecTOUCH control and additional preset programs for healthy cooking, dishwasher featuring the special VitaShine program with anti-allergic and sterilization effects, a new generation washing machine with VitaCARE technology for perfectly rinsed laundry, and the first IonTech dryer with anti-allergic action. All appliances lay claim to high energy efficiency and friendliness to both the environment and the users.