Gorenje Weblicity Collection

Gorenje Weblicity is a modern line of appliances designed with an air of youthful playfulness. A pinch of imagination and bursts of colourful detail endow the home with a unique character. Specially adjusted, softly curved handles and other appliance details allow for attaching a magnet. You can choose their own colour, which can later simply be switched or changed. While the basic colour of the appliances is white, the coloured magnets are available in 6 shades – minimalistic white, classic black, elegant gray, vivid green, orange, or pink. Dreams are now available in your favourite colour combinations.

Thanks to a variety of colour combinations, trendy design and easy operation, the Weblicity appliances are user friendly and visually connected with the younger generation street sense, whose common denominator is the Internet. Thus the name Weblicity, which in itself speaks to the new web generation – young, dynamic users who are furnishing their first homes and want to have an active part in designing their own spaces and leave their personal mark on them. Use the same colour accessories on all home appliances or mix it up with a combination of several shades – the decision is in their hands.
Weblicity home appliances bring Gorenje closer to their users, enabling them to choose some of the final decorative elements themselves and thus share in creating and finishing the design of an appliance. The Weblicity line includes washing machines, freestanding refrigerators, hobs and ovens, as well as decorative panels for dishwashers. And the decorative elements will also be available for order and purchase online. See also Gorenje Pininfarina Steel Collection.