Induction wall oven – world first

Belling launches the new eco induction oven, the world first induction wall oven, the BI60i. This unique built-in appliance uses induction technology in the main oven cavity. The 60 cm wall oven uses an impressive 50 percent less energy than an ‘A’ rated oven. The patent pending 6-in-1 induction oven uses an integrated induction plate inside the oven cavity and is capable of slow cooking, roasting, grilling, steaming, fan cooking and baking casseroles. The BI60i comes with a unique cast iron pot as well as a steaming and roasting trivet for induction cooking using the slow cooking, casseroles, steaming and roasting modes. The oven also incorporates a fanned oven, top heat and dual zone grill and offers a usable cooking capacity of 59 litres.

As Steve Dickson, commercial manager at Belling put it, This is an extremely exciting development for the kitchen appliance market. Induction is smarter, faster, safer and considerable more green than any other cooking method. As a technology, induction has been slow to find its feet, but as the recession continues to bite and consumers look to make savings on their fuel bills we’re confident that the BI60i will be very well received. This is the first time that induction technology has been used inside the oven cavity and for consumers keen to reduce their energy consumption, it is a ground-breaking development. For retailers, being able to offer an appliance that provides a fifty per cent energy saving is a real selling point in the current climate. The eco induction wall oven will be manufactured in Britain. Belling.