Add kitchen colors with Baumatic Dance Partners

A boring, dull kitchen is a thing of the past, and you can add more kitchen colors with the new kitchen Appliances from Baumatic Dance Partners. With appliances available in bold red, orange and yellow colors, these products will bring a playful and whimsical design to your kitchen, adding color in places where your choices are normally limited to steel, black and white. Pictured above in orange is the 60 cm Electronic Dishwasher that accommodates 14 place settings, has 7 functions (normal, intensive, economy, rinse, glass, soak and 3-in-1) and features 4 wash temperatures depending on your preference. The color dishwasher is not only stylish, it also boasts Class A performance is energy efficiency, washing and drying.
You can balance your new kitchen colors quite nicely across an entire kitchen and with several appliances. The 60 cm Large Capacity Multifunction oven features 9 functions, an oven capacity of 65 litres and a double-glazed side opening reversible door. This striking colored oven also features an LED full programmer, push/pull knob control, a cooling fan and a thermostatically controlled grill. Also available in red, orange and yellow, this flush mount oven is sure to add some spice to your kitchen design.
The 90 cm Chimney Hood adds that needed splash of color to particularly visible kitchen appliance, the range hood. Featuring a super extraction tangential motor, touch control operations, 2 metallic grease filters, 4 speeds and 3 halogen lights, this chimney hood has an extraction capacity of 800 m3/hr. Bring a splash of kitchen colors to your kitchen with the striking and feature rich Dance Partners’ appliances, available now from Baumatic.